Clawson (S. Crooks} Newsletter

Sunny Skies Notes For May 2019

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Our Sunny Skies Birthdays for MAY

James M. will be 5 on May 3rd.

Olivia B. will be 4 on May 7th.

Andrew P. will be 5 on May 12th.             

Elias V. will be 4 on May 30th.

We LOVE birthday parties. You are welcome

to send in birthday treats on your child's special day!


                     SPECIAL NOTES AND REMINDERS:

The center will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day.  (Tuition rate remains the same unless taking an available vacation day). We hope you have a very enjoyable day.


Reminder to all: please park in the parking spots on both sides of the center before parking in the loop, and for safety reasons, please hold your child’s hand while walking through the parking lot.


Thursday, May 2nd we will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a Taco Nacho Luncheon.  Sign-up sheets will be posted by the side door. 


Friday, May 3rd is Picture day with Life Touch!!  Beginning at 8 a.m. Please remember to turn your forms in.


Teacher Appreciation Week May 6th - May 10th. This is a wonderful opportunity to let your child’s teachers know how much you appreciate their commitment and dedication to “Sunny Skies” and your child.


Friday, May 10th Moms are welcome to join us for “Punch and Pansies”.   All moms are invited to come out on the patio and plant a pansy with your child followed by a cup of punch.  Times are 7-9 a.m. and 3:30 – 5 p.m.  What a great way to honor our moms and create a memory with your child.



It’s Sunscreen time!  Sunny Skies staff applies sunscreen in the afternoon.  Please apply sunscreen in the morning. Please bring in a bottle of sunscreen for your child/ren labeled with child’s name. We go outside twice daily!


Sunny Skies Illness Policy is very important for the safety of every child in the center.  If your child gets sent home for any reason that may be contagious...Sunny Skies MUST get a doctor's note for your child to return. 


As of June 1st we will no longer be heating up lunches for Preschool and Pre-K.  We like to eat outside!! (This does not include the young toddlers or older toddlers).


Are your plans changing for the summer? Let Ms. Diane know on the sheet by the exit door.


Save the DATE:  If your child is going to kindergarten in the fall, they will be in our graduation ceremony. Graduation will be Friday, JUNE 14th.